Meger TTR25-1 – Battery testing equipment

Fully automatic; fast; easy-to-use; robust; lightweight
Battery powered
Tests turns ratio, excitation current, and polarity
Simple, one-button operation
Quick-start guide on front panel
Operator-selectable languages
The Megger TTR25-1 is an automatic hand-held battery operated transformer turns ratio test set.

It is used to measure the turns ratio, excitation current and polarity of windings in single- and three-phase distribution and power transformers (tested phase by phase), potential & current transformers, and tapped transformers.

The unique design of the TTR25-1allows the user to operate the test set while holding it in one hand. It effectively eliminates the user from having to kneel or bend down to operate the instrument and speeds up testing time.

Realizing the extreme environments in which the TTR25-1must operate, special attention has been paid to making it extra rugged, with a high impact, shock resistant case, yet incredibly lightweight at a mere 870 g (1.9 lbs).