Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter

Milliamp process clamp meters can measure mA signals without breaking the loop. The Fluke 773 mA Clamp Meter is Fluke’s premier mA Clamp Meter, providing you with the best in troubleshooting and process calibration power.


Need more hours in your day?
Save time by NOT breaking the loop on 4-20 mA signal measurements.

Are you spending time:

Taking mA measurements by removing a wire and breaking the loop
Calling the control room to isolate a loop
Testing analog input/output on a console
Troubleshooting devices with mA inputs and outputs
Repairing intermittent or erratic 4-20 mA loops
Going back to the shop to get extra tools
If you need more time in your busy day take a good look at the Fluke 773 mA Clamp Meters. It’s designed to save you time, and money, by eliminating time wasting activities. Now you can troubleshoot and repair 4-20 mA loops without breaking the loop or bringing down the system.